B i o g r a p h y

    Born in Kenya and having lived all over the world (due to family's work in the diplomatic corps), Greek tenor Alexandros Tsilogiannis started his music training on the piano at the age of 14.  He accidentally fell into singing when his piano teacher enrolled him in the chorus after overhearing him sing; something he initially was hesitant to but then later became very grateful of.  Soon after, Alex started auditioning for solo's within the choir and eventually to larger competitions that propelled him to the front of the stage, where he feels right at home.


    Before Alex arrived to finish his Masters at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London, he wanted to become a pilot, which is why he completed his undergraduate studies in Florida at Jacksonville University, where he trained as a commercial pilot (Aviation Management and Flight operations) and completed his B.A in Music.   He chose to follow his talents and passion in Music which brought him back to Europe where he completed his Masters and the Opera Course at the Guildhall thanks to a scholarship from The Gordon Foundation and the GSMD.


    Future plans for 2014 include playing as Pinkerton with Regent's Opera, performing with Unexpected Opera, singing in concert around Europe and working with his Three Tenors group, Tenorissimi around the UK.


    Living in different countries and following different schools resulted in acquiring several languages to a varied degree of competence (English, French, Greek, Italian and German)


    Off the stage, Alex has many interests and hobbies.  He loves photography, scuba diving, athletics and staying up to date in the exciting world of technology and space exploration.

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